Paul J Cook has been a 25-year SW Florida resident and 16 year licensed real estate professional
in Florida. A Villanova graduate, a local business owner and active community influencer; Paul
has friends in all places! Easy to talk with about Florida business, Paul has been called the
“Chamber of Commerce in Lee County!” Paul has been an owner operator of six different
businesses ranging from a highly regulated 24 hour emergency ambulance company with 72
employees, to a taxi company with over 52 cabs, island jewelry shops, telephone translation
services and a mystery shopping company that critiqued, evaluated and reported on over 200
customer service related businesses! All of Paul’s businesses were sold with a licensed business
broker and all for a high margin of profit. These businesses required a business broker that
understood and respected the confidentiality and coordination of the business sales process.
Through his personal experiences of working with commercial real estate professionals and
business brokers, Paul has learned to respect an entrepreneurs’ lifelong work and motivations.

Through his professional experience as Florida business broker, Paul is particularly crafty with
business valuations, the guiding process and coordination of SBA lender financing for both sides
of the deal and the transitioning of a business between sellers to buyers.

Whether you are buying or selling a Southwest Florida business, call Paul to explore your
options. He is easy to talk to and will provide helpful conversation about your future and goals.

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