Large Recycling Facility for Sale

Listing #: 90407175

Asking Price: $675,000

Owner Benefit: $

Asset Sale

The Pit is approximately 637′ long X 332′ wide. It is 4.78 acres and is bordered to the east by Highway 17 in Highlands County and is in Avon Park, Florida. The Pit was originally dug as a Borrow Pit for the usage of the fill dirt leaving a hole 50 feet deep with the walls of the Pit on a 2 1/2 to 1 slope; this would equate to more than 100,000 yards of clean fill with 2% clay content remaining in the walls. In 2000 the owner began filling the Pit with three mixes of post recycled materials and at the time were hand sorted and leaving quite a bit of useable products. They did several tests to determine the contents of the Pit. The results equaled approximately 475 tons of trash which some of this will have already turned into compost, 680 tons of metal which again some of this might be turned to rust since it has been buried for over 20 years, 1,800 tons of plastic which is bottle caps, heavy duty plastic jugs, and water bottles leaving 124,000 tons of mixed glass. They have documented bill of lading’s equaling 128,000 tons delivered to the Pit. The Pit was closed in 2010 as per EPA guidelines with three 4-inch monitoring wells and 2 feet of clean fill covering the entire site. This would be an excellent position for someone looking to start a recycling business with minimal equipment needed and immediate cash return or someone who is already in the business and needs inventory. There is a rail siding nearby that arrangements could be made for transporting the materials in bulk or separated into the related contents. Ideally, the removal of the Pit contents would be via Trac Hoe and/or Loader. *The clean red clay (2%) is very suitable for roadbed fill and building fill.