Medical Licensing Opportunity

Listing #: 90407170

Asking Price: $65,000

Owner Benefit: $

CIBB Exclusives

Rediscover your love for practicing medicine as a Mygenics licensee with a turnkey, independent, third-party payer FREE medical practice. As a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or non-physician entity with physician oversight, you can unlock the true freedom to practice and prosper the way medicine was always intended. With Mygenics, you eliminate the corporate, insurance, and cattle call approaches to medicine. Instead, enjoy a humane environment where patients and physicians thrive. The Mygenics proven, high-earning, private practice paradigm simplifies business and enhances your personal life. It is easy to learn and quick to implement. You will see and treat the patients you choose, set your hours and the number of patients you see in a day, and minimize the administrative work of your practice. We provide the training, ongoing support, and marketing strategies that enable business growth and your financial success. With that said, maintain your independence as Mygenics is NOT A FRANCHISE. You dictate how you practice, what you buy, and how much you spend. Mygenics specializes in anti-aging, revitalization, sexual dysfunction, weight management, wellness, and
life-changing therapies. Mygenics will train you in practical, functional treatments that yield rewarding
results for your patients. Our services generate high patient retention and significant growth through word-of-mouth.

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