Drilling and Well Services Contractor Business for Sale

Listing #: 90407126

Asking Price: $3,950,000

Owner Benefit: $410,211

CIBB Exclusives

Over 6 million in written contracts now through the end of 2023. Established Florida Drilling & Well Services Contractor specializing in large diameter wells, pumps and well rehabilitation. An industry leader in the best yielding wells and cleanest water production. Highly experienced in geophysics and effective well design and construction. Hundreds of wells and well rehabilitation projects successfully completed. Over 8 million in contracts currently under way. Top of the line equipment and technology. Full range of services: support, repair, maintenance, and calibration of all equipment. Exceedingly trained and efficient staff. Impressive fleet of drilling rigs and equipment. Very profitable with a consistent backlog of work. One stop shop including an electronic engineering department, machine shop, and mechanical repair division. Satisfied customers’ from towns and villages to State and Federal Agencies. SBA Lender Pre-Qualified with $650,000 Down. Terms are Approximate.