Leverage experience for profit.

On average, one in four American businesses will change hands each year. Many of them are sold by owners themselves who are completely inexperienced with the intricacies of such a significant commercial transaction. Because of that lack of awareness, they generally sell their businesses for less than what they are worth and face a host of obstacles including transactional problems, financing disruptions and other defaults. Why go it alone when the Southwest Florida’s most experienced business brokers are here to help? The brokers at CIBB have expertise covering all types of industries in the markets of Fort Myers, Sarasota, Naples and all areas in between. Our process to sell your enterprise has four simple steps:

STEP 1: Business Market Valuation

Determining the sales or market value of your business takes several factors into account. Your business’ financials are very important – profits and losses, current payroll, lease obligations and other related figures. Our experience gives us insight into how these financials, as well as tangibles and intangibles such as location, personnel, unsold inventory, vendor/supplier relationships, loyal customer base and your professional connections all affect the market value of your business. Many of these matters may go overlooked or be miscalculated if not done by a knowledgeable business broker.

STEP 2: Confidential Marketing

For some owners, marketing their business for sale poses a dilemma. They want high-quality potential buyers to find out about it, but they also may not want the sale to be public knowledge. We understand the need for discretion, so we maintain a protective degree of confidentiality for every transaction we pursue. Channels including our international affiliations allow us to target a select demographic. Your business will gain the attention of qualified prospects through:

  • Over 60 global “business for sale” websites
  • Digital marketing (SEO & SEM)
  • Retargeted banner ads
  • Business brokerage listing services
  • Direct mail and email campaigns
  • Proven customer relationship management system

STEP 3: Deal Structure & Negotiation

This is the step where CIBB wields the greatest advantage on your behalf. When prospective buyers contact us, we highlight all the salient, advantageous characteristics of your business above other competing opportunities in the area and begin candid, fair negotiations on their offer. We have successfully negotiated thousands of transactions like yours and understand how to effectively counteroffer and propose amended terms and conditions of sales so that a timely agreement tot your satisfaction and our expectations is reached.

STEP 4: Contract Preparation

The last step is preparing the paperwork and finalizing all the legal documentation to be executed at closing. We will review everything with you in layman’s terms so that you are fully informed and to ensure a smooth, successful transaction.

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