Selling a business is a daunting task that no business owner should try to do on their own. Running your own business is difficult enough without also having to simultaneously entertain potential buyers and deal with back-and-forth negotiations. Working with an M&A advisor can help you to navigate the process of selling a business in Southwest Florida successfully, as long as you choose the right one. So how can you be reassured that you are working with an advisor who has the right level of experience to get you through the finish line to a successful sale?

If you are a business owner near Fort Myers, Sarasota or Naples looking to sell your company soon, or even in a few years, make sure you conduct your search for a good M&A advisor carefully. Many brokers try to accumulate listings and will say anything to onboard new clients, but fail to do any real analysis or provide the seller with a true perspective. The proof is in their results; they’re not closing deals, or they’re settling for below market value. Selling a business takes a lot of planning and preparation. It is not a quick process. Imagine going through several months, or even a year of prep time and waiting, and not only failing to sell, but also failing to get a clear understanding of why, or how you can improve the situation. You need to partner yourself with a business broker who has a history of closing deals successfully.

Earlier this month, Axial, the largest platform on the internet for buying, selling, advising and financing private companies, released the 20 M&A advisors with the highest closing rates in the country in 2022. The closing rate is defined as the percentage of successfully closed deals brought to market. Corporate Investment Business Brokers (CIBB) sits at the top of this list at number one, with a 99% closing rate for 2022. CIBB is the only business brokerage in Fort Myers, Sarasota or Naples on this list; no other Southwest Florida brokers are represented in the top 20. These rankings were based off of the dealmaking activities of 1,435 sell-side M&A advisors. You can read the full article here.

While this is only one metric, it is a crucial one. You list your business for sale with the full intention of selling it for its maximum value. How can you achieve your exit goals if the business just sits on the market? If a listing doesn’t get any traction, many brokers will hope to be able to continually reduce the price until a business sells. CIBB’s approach is different, in that it is important for us to understand why a business listing isn’t getting enough attention, and relay that information to the seller.

For us, selling the business doesn’t begin with listing the business for sale. It often begins months, or even years in advance of the sale. We advise all of our clients on the best way to prepare their businesses for their eventual sale and prepare you for your eventual exit. We are honest about how we believe the potential buyers will react to your business, so you know what to expect from the beginning, and have a chance to improve deficiencies.

Southwest Florida is a rapidly growing region that is getting a lot of attention from investors and potential entrepreneurs. It’s a great place to purchase a business. As a seller you want to be able to take full advantage of that and get the highest potential profit from the sale of your company. CIBB has been working with local business owners in Fort Myers, Sarasota, Naples and everywhere in between, since 1986 to sell their businesses successfully. Our 99% closing rate in 2022 is just a small example of our extensive track record. You have worked hard to build and run your business. Make sure you are entrusting its sale to the right advisor.

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