For the most part, businesses do not sell quickly. If you’re a small business owner in Southwest Florida, thinking about listing your company for sale, it’s important to understand this before beginning. Properly preparing yourself and your business can help make the sale process smoother and increase your chances of success. We’ve reviewed the steps to prepare your business for sale in the past. Part of this preparation is ensuring you have the right frame of mind, and are willing to be flexible. A lot of obstacles can come up during a business sale, and being inflexible can spoil deals and scare of buyers, which will only drag out the process.

Sale Price

Your primary financial goal when selling your business is to maximize your profit from the sale. This can help you to achieve other, more specific financial goals. However, going into the sale process you have to be willing to accept a lower price if you don’t get the offer you want. This flexibility in price negotiations can help you to sell faster. Even though your business might be doing very well, there are a range of hang-ups that buyers might have about it. These might be issues that you’ve learned to live with, but investors see as potential risks. Face the fact that what you see as a low offer could end up being your best offer.

By utilizing the services of a business broker to sell your business, you will get a more accurate valuation of your company. They will also give you leverage in negotiations to help maximize your sale price. While they won’t make you sell your business for less than you want to, they will advise you on what is a strong offer, even if it doesn’t quite meet your expectations.


A higher sale price, a quick sale and confidentiality are all things all buyers want when selling their business. In reality, it is difficult to achieve all three things, meaning you will need to compromise on at least one of them. While some sellers might be quick to dismiss confidentiality, your profits may depend on it. This is because a lack of confidentiality leaves your business vulnerable to competitors who may want to steal your customers or disrupt business so they can absorb it at a lower cost. It also makes vendors, suppliers and employees uneasy about the future of the company. These things can all weaken, if not ruin your business.

You want to keep running your business without disruption while also trying to sell it. To do this, while maintaining profits and still making it attractive to buyers, do not compromise on confidentiality. Consult with a business broker on how to sell your business confidentially. They are experts and confidential marketing and will help you to protect sensitive data and private information about your business while still finding interested buyers.


The area where you will probably have to be the most flexible is in the time it takes to sell your business. It is important to be patient and understand that for every business that sells as soon as it hits the market, there are hundreds of others that take months to sell. The process as a whole can even span over a year in some cases. Setting appropriate expectations on the time table will help you to reduce your stress about the sale. Impatient owners often make costly mistakes in the sale process, just to get the business sold. You can avoid these by preparing for the long haul.

In short, you should never lose sight of your goal, which is to sell your business profitably. This will require some flexibility of your part, whether it be on price or other deal terms. Plan ahead by figuring out your threshold for negotiations, so you can be prepared for when you get your first offer.

Knowing when to negotiate and when to walk away from an offer can be difficult crossroads. Having a savvy business broker on your side can provide the invaluable benefit of being prepared to deal with any offer without losing sight of the goal to maximize your profit margin. Contact Corporate Investment Business Brokers (CIBB) in Fort Myers, Florida to find out how we can help you. Our consultation is free, and comes without obligation.

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